Astrasa gladly receives you to its webpage.

Our enterprise was founded by Mr.Julián Sanz López in 1989. He was go-ahead and pioneer in the world of road transport. He already had a a consolidated experience since 1974.

Since its beginnings, ASTRASA has focused its attention on the international transport.

At the beginning, it was working all over the european countries. Later on, it was spread to countries which nowadays are in the European Community but those days they were not( Baltic Republics, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland,Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgary and so and so forth.

In 1998, Astrasa starts a new way inside its work, daring into the transport of countries such as Russia, Bielorussia, Ukraine, Kazajstan, Turkey, etc. It is again the first in industrial tendencies.

In 2008, there is a generation change, and Mr. Gonzalo Sanz García, starts being part of the management. Year after year, our work has been more and more important because of our consolidation inside and outside Europe. It can be seen in the majority of the the countries of the continent. We have great references among our clients.

The increasing and consolidation of our work has taken place thanks to the enormous help of our customers and the human beings in Astrasa who make it possible.

Our competitive advantages are, the know how, our location, our attention, and so is the service offered to the clients. Astrasa Group is inside a total spread process.

The fleet has been renewed, Eur 5 EEV Trucks, Certified platforms XL, etc. Our warehouse has a 14,000 m2 surface. Nowadays, we are totally specialized in distribution logistics- planification, packing storage, cross-docking, kitting, labeling and distribution.

" Our aim is the customer to get the product at the right moment, in appropiate conditions and as cheap as possible".


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